Meet Jack Broomhead

Jack has been kind enough to display an impressive collection of his paintings in the main library for the month of January. If you would like to see Jack’s paintings stop by the main library and look up.

Artist – Jack Broomhead

I first became interested in art when I was about six or seven years old, when I received a Jon Gnagy’s “learn to Draw” as a Christmas gift. I would sit by my window and try to draw the houses on the distant hills. When I was a bit older, I like to stand back and observe the detail in drawings and paintings.

Perhaps this is why when I now paint barns and other objects; I try to add as much detail as I can. It is my intent to create depth in artwork as I look into a painting. I am a member of the Wallkill River Center for the Arts located in Montgomery, NY. I participate in the “Senior Drop In” group which I joined about four years ago. That is when I started to paint local barns. In my opinion, there are barns in our area that have a lot of character. I try to portray that in my paintings.

These thirty barns are a small fraction of those available to paint. Our barns are disappearing so I am trying to preserve them through my paintings. Aside from barns, I enjoy painting local birds and landscapes. An inspiration for my landscape is the American works of the Hudson River School artists.

I hope you enjoy viewing a portion of my work and recognize some of the many barns that still grace our surrounding area.

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