Here are 10 trivia questions to challenge your mind.

1. What is the rarest M&M color?
2. In a website browser address bar, what does “www” stand for?
3. According to Greek mythology, who was the first woman on earth?
4. In which European city would you find Orly airport?
5. Fissures, vents, and plugs are all associated with which geological feature?
6. Which Dutch artist painted “Girl with a Pearl Earring”?
7. Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?
8. Which two U.S. states don’t observe Daylight Saving Time?
9. Who was the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain?
10. What is the world’s biggest island?

Please email us your answers PBL@rcls.org
Whoever answers the most questions correctly will receive a PRIZE!!!!!!!

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