Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - Illinois River Road


A summer reading program theme at the pine bush area library

If you have the imagination, we have the “CLUES” and; we’re offering you a writing challenge.  Write a short creative murder mystery with the 15 clues we will provide.   Your cleverly written “who done it” must contain the 15 clues.  One catch……you, the writer, will be the only one who will know the who, what, why, when and where of the crime.   These facts will be contained in a sealed envelope you will also submit with your story.  Our “detective” judges will read all the stories, try to solve the case and, then open your envelope to see how good their sleuthing skills were.  (Even our judges will be kept in the dark guessing!!)  Your story will be judged on creativity, suspense, and the completely plausible hints in the story that lead to the solving of the crime!  A Grand Prize for the “Best Murder Mystery” will be awarded!  

 Deadline for Submissions:  Friday, July 31, 2020.  Join the Challenge!  

Please call 744-4265, Ext 2 for more details and to pick up your “Clues”

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