AGENDA for May 10, 2023

Pine Bush Area Public Library
227 Maple Ave., PO Box 63
Pine Bush, NY 12566
(845) 744-3375

Public Participation
Approval of Minutes from April 12, 2023
Treasurer’s Report – Matt Watkins
Director’s Report – Doris Callan

Patron Survey

Five Year Plan




Minutes for the meeting of March 8, 2023

Pine Bush Area Public Library
227 Maple Ave., PO Box 63
Pine Bush, NY 12566
(845) 744-3375

A regular meeting of the Greater Pine Bush Library Board was held at 7 p.m. on March 8,
2023. In attendance were: S. Tarolli, G. Britto, L. Cannon, A. Cerone, P. Eriksen, J. Russell, M.
Watkins and Doris Callan. A quorum was present. 
Public Participation
Maralyn McIntosh – Ms. McIntosh asked that we consider granting our library staff 6 paid federal
holidays.  Whoever is scheduled for a holiday, they would be paid for that day, and this would
include all full time and part-time/hourly employees. The board agreed to take this under
Approval of Minutes from February 8, 2023
It was discussed/clarified that the handout passed out by T Bardin last meeting was titled
“Everything you Need to Know About the New York State Secure Choice Savings Program”
authored by The Complete Payroll Blog by John Peluso. It is available online. 
M. Watkins – Motioned. 
P. Eriksen – Seconded. 
All Approved. 
Treasurer’s Report – Matt Watkins
 The library filed for an extension for our taxes (Which is usually done annually) 
 The new bookkeeper, Elaine Gaynor, and M. Watkins have worked together to
clean up a lot of dangling issues. One such issue was with how payroll was being
handled by the financial program Sage. (This took about 4 hours of Gayle and
Doris’ time but was ironed out.)  
 M. Watkins also looked at our recent tax caps as well as what money has been
carried over year to year from the budget. 
 They worked on bank reconciliations as well. 
 S. Tarolli cashed out the M&T Bank account. M. Watkins said the funds should
be put in the capital fund. 
 D. Callan asked about CD investments. M. Watkins said he would look into this
this month. Treasury Bonds were also discussed as a possibility for future
 E. Gaynor is going to look at any areas of overspending. 

 S. Tarolli said she will follow up with some information about the NYS Retirement
System from RCLS. 
 It was discussed that the board’s personnel committee should be tasked with
looking into where are we going with personnel in the future? 
 Some area libraries have 99% full-timers, while Pine Bush has a majority of part
time staff.  
 Because we are a Special Legislative District, we will need to hire a full-time
library director. There may be other positions that require this also but we will
have to look into this again. 
 It was suggested that as the library moves forward that we explore maintaining a
mix of part- and full-time employees. 
 The personnel committee is comprised of S. Tarolli, J. Russell and L. Cannon. 
 D. Callan advised that she feels that the individuals overseeing the adult library
collection, the children’s library collection and director should all be full time. 
Annual Report to RCLS
 Doris was happy to see that our visitation increased by 3,000 visits from 2021 to 2022.
Our census, however, dropped from 17,000-14,000 people in our library area. This
possibly indicates that fewer patrons are visiting more often. 
 We are finally back up to pre-COVID visits. 
 The library operated in accordance with all provisions of Education Law and the
Regulations of the Commissioner and assured that the “Annual Report” was
reviewed and accepted by the Library Board. 
 J. Russel – motioned
 L. Cannon – Seconded 
 All Approved. 
Director’s Report – Doris Callan
 Donations of books are continuous, and we received $127 in donations this past
 E-books and Hoopla continue to increase in checkouts. 
 The police K-9 Demonstration video is still our most popular video on YouTube
with 234 views in February. 
 Motion was made to approve the policy for closings by J. Russell and seconded
by G. Britto. All approved. 
 A new Brother printer was purchased. Consumer’s Report favored the Brother
over the HP in terms of printers. Cartridges and the overall printer were also
more expensive for the HP. The cost of the Brother was $500.
 We recently received two grants. One was from the Community Foundation for
$500, for 5 sessions for seniors. Session titles include Age Proof Your Brain,
Laugh your Stress Away, Eating Healthy.  The second grant received was $800
from Stewarts for a children’s program up to 18.   

 Central library will be making available, as well as Mango, which is a
language program.  Children can virtually sit with a tutor and get remedial help.
This is a free service and no additional cost to Pine Bush Library or its patrons.  
 We have a lot of community service volunteers right now because the high
schoolers are gearing up for the national honor society.  
 A Safety Driving class will be hosted by the library on March 15th
 There will be an additional safety class offered on a Saturday in April 
 The library is looking for pinochle players.
 A knitting club has also started.  
Patron Survey
 G. Britto, A. Cerone and D. Callan will meet to discuss. 
Correspondence – None 
 A Cerone shared a proposed 7-step plan with regards to the board’s possible
future approach to a library improvement or expansion.  The board agreed that
members would review it and discuss it at a later meeting. 
J. Russell – Motioned 
P. Eriksen – Seconded 
All Approved.

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