January Board Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Pine Bush Area Public Library

AGENDA for February 8, 2023 

Public Participation 

Approval of Minutes from February 8, 2023 

Treasurer’s Report – Matt Watkins


Annual Report to RCLS

Director’s Report – Doris Callan

Patron Survey




Pine Bush Public Library 

Meeting Minutes 

January 11, 2023 

A regular meeting of the Pine Bush Public Library was held on January 11, 2023.  

Present: T. Bardin, G. Britto, L. Cannon, A Cerone, P. Eriksen and J. Russell.   

Public Participation – Marilyn McIntosh 

Ms. McIntosh asked the board to consider paying the staff for snow day closings and Holidays. J Russell said they would have to look at the budget. The board agreed to review this and take Ms McIntosh’s request into consideration,

Approval of Minutes from November 9, 2022: 

 Ms Cerone will edit the minutes on Board discussion about the library’s future possible expansion.

Motioned to approve minutes as amended: J. Russell 

Seconded: P. Eriksen 

Treasurer’s Report 

  • We have a new bookkeeper. Her name is Elaine Gaynor.
  • Doris and Elaine watched a video this afternoon with regards to how to close out the year via a program called SAGE. This program will also assist with providing W2s to employees by year end. 

Payroll discussion 

  • Effective December 1, 2022, the minimum wage for our area is $14.20. 
  • All employees are above minimum wage 

J. Russell made a motion to increase payroll by 5%

Seconded – T. Bardin 

Passed unanimously 

J. Russell – Motioned that snow day pay shall be paid to employees scheduled to work, but who are not able to work due to weather related closures of the library as of January 1, 2023.  

Seconded – G. Britto 

Passed unanimously. 

Director’s Report – D. Callan 

  • Every month we are getting 15-20 new cardholders. There seems to be an increase of people coming into the library each month. 
  • eBooks are still taking off as the most used; people do not have to come into the library as often due to their digital format.  
  • The community center building continues to be well used by the community.  People are getting assistance with such issues as renewing a car registration, notarizing documents, and running copies from their phone. People are so thrilled to be able to do this kind of thing. 
  • A new organization tied to veterans services is collecting donations for veterans who are being placed in new apartments/homes, and the remaining Christmas Bazaar items are going to go to this organization.  
  • The library has earned three benches via the plastics program. The first bench was harder. But then Tractor Supply, the post office, Beck’s and Beer World, as well as Hops Brewery, started to donate their plastics to the library. They were also getting plastic from other area post offices, including Modena and Wallkill. 
  • Pine Bush Elementary is now going to take over the program. They are working towards a bench because they had a “Buddy Bench” on the ballfield, but a snowplow hit it and it was damaged. (The Buddy Bench was used by any child feeling as though they did not have someone to play with. They could sit on the bench and this would cue other children to invite the child to play.) 
  • A new volunteer moved into the community and she was a huge help to sort the plastics.  
  • The annual fund drive has been hugely more successful this year. The current total is $9,039 vs. $7,250 last year. The baskets were also successful, but not as successful as last year. There was less variety in the baskets. The total fundraised was about $1,000. There was some discussion that while they earned about the same amount of money, the past cookie walks have perhaps drawn more people. 
  • Dante has recently helped again with the internet services at the library. He thinks the modem was either hacked, or just was not working properly because the IP address kept changing. So, they put in a new modem. This was 2-3 days ago, so it remains to be seen if the issue is resolved. He also suggested that Doris’ computer should be replaced because it is at risk of failing soon. It should be more robust than a traditional home computer. He felt a workable computer could be purchased for $600-800. He suggested that the printer should also be replaced, given recent errors in printing. 
  • It was discussed that the fees for copies should be discussed based on the cost of paper and ink. 
  • Staff and the trustees gathered for a holiday celebration. 
  • Tables and a new sign board were purchased from the Friends Fund. 
  • The board discussed upcoming changes that the board will need to investigate in regard to salaries, wages, benefits, sick time, the NYS retirement system, etc. 
  • The library is also working soon on a Stewarts Grant application for children’s programming. They typically receive $750-800. 
  • The (Pine Bush) Erie Railroad Program had seventeen people sign up, but more than 40 came! This was evidence that people are coming back out to programs again. 

Motion to adjourn: G. Britto  

Seconded:  P. Eriksen 

Passed unanimously.

Submitted by A. Cerone, Board Secretary

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