November Board Meeting Minutes

Pine Bush Area Public Library 

227 Maple Ave., PO Box 63 

Pine Bush, NY   12566 

(845) 744-3375 

Minutes for November 9, 2022 

A regular meeting of the Pine Bush Library was held at 7 p.m. In attendance were D. Callan, Director; S. Tarolli, President; T. Bardin, G. Britto, L. Cannon, A. Cerone, P. Eriksen, J. Russell, M. Watkins.

A. Cerone asked about last month’s discussion about the library expansion and the fact that it was decided that the issue be tabled until a new director comes on board.

It was explained that the discussion and decision were made given that people still are not returning to the library. Numbers for programs are still very low.  The following additional viewpoints were expressed: 

  • The economy doesn’t support a library project right now. We also have a changing demographic. So to start a library expansion project now is poorly timed. 
  • Perhaps the board doesn’t need to talk money, until we know budget-wise what we are talking about, and that we need to decide what direction we are going in in order to determine the cost of the project. 
  • The board should map out a process, and then stick to the process, and not be waylaid by the cost if it gets to be high.  
  • As a board we need to answer what do we want the library to be.  
  • We need to decide are we going to stay here, (the library’s present location) or go elsewhere.  
  • The problem seems to be that there is not an alternate location that seems to be in the vicinity that we want.  
  • Didn’t RCLS say they will finance new building? We need to find out.   
  • S. Tarolli shared that the community center was obtained by a small grant.  
  • A location and a set of plans is needed to find out what the needed budget is. Unless we get to that position we are going to be here at this current location for the foreseeable future. We got to that point with Mr. Mays, but we stopped short of going to the community for its support for the build.  
  • Unless as a board we take these steps we are not going to move forward.  

In summary, a decision to table the discussion or progress of a library expansion/renovation project was voted on last meeting, and will stand.  

Approval of the minutes 

P. Eriksen – Motioned   

G. Britto – Seconded. 

Treasurer’s Report – Matt Watkins 

  •  M. Watkins has been unable to keep up with work on the books in the absence of the bookkeeper. M. Watkins has spoken to about ten people but they have not been interested. It might be time to look at a bookkeeping company.

Meeting Room Policy 

  • After a brief discussion, it the Board voted to do away with this policy and make space available only for library sponsored programs

John – Motioned  

Peter – Seconded  

Director’s Report – Doris Callan  

  • Through the plastics collection program, a first bench has been obtained. It is made of trek material. A second bench is being worked towards. Our next bench can be earned next year.  
  • CPR training – D. Callan has contacted Mobile Life. They want $200 for the instructor, plus a fee for the textbook and mouthpiece. She is also going to call our local fire department, per suggestion of J. Russell to see if they will do it for less.
  • Touch a Truck will be taking place on November 19th.
  • The Board agreed that a babysitting instructor who came years ago, who wants $200 to teach a course, should return. This has always been a well-attended program.
  • A motion was made to grant a 2% raise for all library employees, but then was tabled until next meeting.
  • Last year we granted employees a substantial increase so that their wages would be comparable to minimum wage  
  • M. Watkins does not think a 2% wage increase would be appropriate. He thinks it should be more and will bring figures next month to the meeting.
  • This will be revisited by the Board in December.
  • D. Callan said she will likely retire next year. She would consider continuing to serve as an assistant director.

A motion to accept the director’s report was made. 

* P. Eriksen — Motioned   

* J. Russell – Seconded  


  • Motioned – J. Russell  
  • Seconded – T. Bardin
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