The Alzheimer’s Association of the Hudson Valley provides support and resources to individuals with memory loss and their families in the seven-county region of the Hudson Valley. Nearly all services are free of charge.

Caregiver Support Groups

They offer a wide variety of caregiver support groups, held virtually both by phone, via Zoom as well as in person. Most are open to any caregiver or loved one of someone with dementia, but some are specifically for young adults, spouses, adult children, etc.

Educational Programs

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a variety of educational programs for the general public as well as several that can help caregivers obtain the knowledge and skills crucial to caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

Early-Stage Engagement Programs

Activities can help us create meaningful connections with one another. Especially for people living with dementia and their care providers, research has shown that art, music and other pursuits can have positive effects on stress, anxiety and emotional factors.

For more information you can call 1-800-272-3900 or click the link below.

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