Pine Bush Area Public Library Board Meeting 10-12-22

Board meeting minutes of October 12, 2022. A regular meeting was held at the Library Community Center at 7 p.m. A quorum was present. 

Trustees present were: S. Tarolli, T. Bardin, P. Eriksen, M. Watkins, G. Britto, S. Curran, J. Russell

Director: Not  Present

Guests: None 

Public Participation: None  

September Minutes –

P. Eriksen – Moved to approve

G. Britto – Seconded

All Ayes

September Minutes Approved 

Treasurers Report

  • M. Watkins reported that bookkeeping has been challenging since our book keeper resigned. 
  • Catching up on back-of-house payroll issues since June. Everyone was paid on time.
  • June quarterly filings were late.
  • We do NOT owe Federal government any money- September report is incorrect
  • Warrants will be ready next month

Accounting Software discussed

  • Current software, SAGE, has become more expensive. 
  • Approximately $2k/ year with a two-year (2023 &2024) commitment. Is it worth the cost?
  • After discussion it was agreed that despite the cost increase SAGE is worth the money. 

Censorship policy presented to the board for discussion by S. Tarolli

P. Eriksen Moved to approve

S. Curran Seconded

All Ayes. 

The policy was adopted.

Director’s Report – Doris Callan left the report for the board to review

  • Board members were reminded that anyone that has not yet completed the Sexual Harassment Prevention training for 2022 must do so
  • Plastics Drive has been a success with first bench almost attained.  D. Callan indicated that she would like to collect for a second bench.

M. Watkins Moved to accept Directors Report

T. Bardin Seconded

All Ayes. 

Directors Report was accepted.

S. Tarolli stated that the board needed to draft a Donation Letter for the upcoming fundraiser

  • M. Watkins suggested focusing on how recent donation maoney was spent
  • S. Tarolli added that Programs we put on should also be included


P. Eriksen asked if the board could discuss our plans to expand/ build a new facility.

Several aspects of the project were discussed, including the proposal to refer to the project as the “Library Program Center” to distinguish it from the towns “Community Center”

Ultimately it was decided to table the issue until a new Library Director could be hired so that they could have input

Motion to Adjourn – 8:05 PM

S. Curran – Motioned to adjourn 

P. Eriksen – Seconded

All Ayes

Meeting was adjourned

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