Pine Bush Area Public Library 

August 10, 2022 

Board Meeting 

Board meeting minutes of August 10, 2022. A regular meeting was held at the Library Community Center at 7 p.m. A quorum was present. 

Trustees present were: S. Tarolli, T. Bardin, L. Cannon, A. Cerone, P. Eriksen, M. Watkins. 

Director: D. Callan 

Guests: None 

Public Participation

  • None  

RCLS Contracts – Approved 

L. Cannon – Motioned 

P. Eriksen – Seconded

  • There was discussion that this is not really an optional enrollment for our library. 
  • It will require a one time set up charge of $5,800. 
  • Will include hardware (new computers) 

Resignation of Bookkeeper 

  • S. Tarolli read a letter of resignation from Ms. Virginia E. Meyer, bookkeeper, who expressed her appreciation for being a part of the library family as well as health concerns that will prevent her from continuing. 

Approval of 2023 budget proposal 

M. Watkins – Motioned 

P. Eriksen – Seconded 

  • Increase of 2% to the overall budget  
  • This includes an increase to programs and in payroll 
  • Copies of the proposed budget are to be available at the front desk of the library 
  • A. Cerone will be placing an advertisement/public notice in the Wallkill Valley Times in advance of the upcoming vote. 

Approval of July 2022 minutes – Approved. 

  •  P. Eriksen – Motioned
  •  T. Bardin – Seconded  

Treasurer’s Report – M. Watkins 

  • The library budget to date was distributed (as of July 31, 2022). 
  • The proposed budget for 2023 was also distributed. 
  • M. Watkins offered to come in to do the books because we are behind 2 months. 
  • M. Watkins suggested putting an ad in the newspaper to see if we can find a replacement, as well as on the library website. 
  • A few local accounting services were also suggested, to see if they would be interested. 
  • Another option would be to use the library’s accountant. 
  • Federal and NYS income tax has been paid. 
  • Efforts are going to be made to close out M&T bank’s Capital Fund account by writing a check from this account and depositing to a different capital fund, since M&T is making it so difficult to transfer these funds another way. The amount is $118.61. 
  • There was discussion whether the balance sheets should continue to be prepared every month 

Director’s Report – Doris Callan

  • Doris will find her list of local tax preparers to see about their ability to prepare the bookkeeping given Ms. Meyer’s resignation.  
  • We had 43 new members this month. 
  • We seem to be getting a lot of new people coming in. 
  • 2016 the library had around 6,400 cardholders; currently we have just over 3,900. 
  •  The fact that kindergarten registration is done differently now has affected the ability to capture young students for enrollment
  • It’s teenagers we don’t attract (after 8 years old). The library has very few in this age group. 
  • Other libraries have special places for teens to congregate. 
  • The library collections across the RCLS are downsizing. 
  • Computers are also downsizing because more people have their own computers. 
  • D. Callan related a story of the library staff assisting an individual with filing for unemployment and the uploading of their personal documents. This is the type of issue the library is increasingly helping patrons with. 
  • There were 519 visitors to the library website this month. 
  • The RCLS 2021 Statistics was distributed. It compares 47 libraries in the area. Walden, Wallkill, Mamakating and Gardiner are similar in size to Pine Bush. 
  • D. Callan is going to look into getting wifi for the downstairs children’s section working.  Upstairs and outside is working well. This could be indicative of a wiring issue. M. Watkins suggested trying a network expander via hardwiring to the main router.  

Motion to Adjourn – 7:55 PM

  • P. Eriksen – Motioned 
  • L. Cannon – Seconded
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