Rave Reviews by Jean E. Eustance

I’ve found a charming picture book called Lulu and the Flying Babies in the
Children’s Department in the Pine Bush Area Public Library.  It’s a British book by Posy Simmonds. 

Lulu wants to go to the park, and play in the snow.  Daddy and Lulu’s baby brother are taking too long to get ready.  When they finally get to the park, it’s snowing too hard and is too cold for the baby.  They all go to the museum instead, and Lulu is not happy. 

She does not want to look at the dinosaur skeleton.  She does not want to look at the paintings.  Daddy leaves her sitting by herself on a sofa, under a painting, and he goes off with the baby to see the dinosaur. Lulu says, “Horruble Daddy!” and sniffs.  A winged baby (a cherub) in the picture nearby comes out of the frame. A cherub made of marble comes off his pedestal. “Don’t sniff!” they say.  “Don’t stand on the seat!”  They grab Lulu’s arms, and they flap their wings, and Lulu and the flying babies take off!

They go into a winter landscape, and play in the snow.  They meet a tiger in a jungle in another painting. They eat fruit from a still life, and go on to get lost in a huge painting of a dark and scary wood.  “Owwuh, I want my Daddy!” says Lulu!  “I want my Dad!” says the painted cherub. 

All three of them end up at the information desk, trying to describe what their parents look like, when Lulu’s Daddy shows up.  Daddy and baby and Lulu walk home, and Lulu is so happy with all those paintings that she was inside. Meanwhile, the guard at the information desk has recognized the two cherubs and takes them back to their painting or pedestal.  This is fun!  This is charming!  Lulu and the Flying Babies is a delightful book especially on a rainy day.  Get into it, and get inside a whole lot of paintings, and have fun.  

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